What is IATAC?

Guiding force for HR fraternity for success and Sustainability

Manpower requirements and HR Services, no company can underestimate for its short term or long-term success. In today’s competitive scenario most companies are struggling to get the desired manpower in the set timelines. They try in house to meet their all HR requirements and many other companies feel to outsource such functions to get the services of experts and focus on their core strengths of business there by reducing cost and increasing efficiency with help of outsource partner support.

Thus most company's today on one hand want to rationalise cost and on other hand wish to feel a sense of secured vision by outsourcing such functions to external HR Organisations/HR Consultants the various HR Services. In this wishfull thinking many a times the outsourced HR Services companies or consultants are forced to accept such conditions without understanding the short-term long-term effects on their business. Thus, it is seen many HR Consultancies start their business and shut their shop in few years.

The aim of IATAC is to guide such HR consultancies and assist companies in making a win-win partnership for both companies and HR consultancies partnering in process of HR Services & Solutions.

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